1. WHO ARE RETROWRESTLING.COM? RetroWrestling.com is a UK based company, run & maintained by Christopher G. Reed.
My wife and I are wrestling fanatics who have travelled worldwide to attend WWE events. As fans ourselves, we know how
hard it is to meet superstars, obtain autographs as well as pick up that special piece of wrestling memorabilia. We are here to make it
easier for the general public to pick-up an autograph or item of memorabilia by doing the hard work for you by setting up direct
signing sessions with wrestlers!

RetroWrestling.com then we strongly recommend looking at our ‘About Us’ page which can be located at the bottom of this page which
will indicate exactly what we do and that is deal with the wrestlers directly to obtain autographs. Our ‘Abour Us’ page will give you a quick
summary of our company as well as photographic proof/evidence of the biggest names in the wrestling world endorsing/promoting our
company. In our years of being in business, we have set up private signing sessions with many wrestlers, all our autographs come with a
Lifetime Guarantee Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) and where possible, we will provide photo proof of the wrestler signing for our company
which will be emailed to you after your order. It has also been known for some wrestlers to respond to your Tweet/Facebook post when
thanking them for your signed collectible from us!

3. WHERE DO WE GET THE AUTOGRAPHS FROM? All of the great autographs you see on this site have been picked up in person from
the superstars themselves. We book the wrestlers directly to sign items for our company, once again if you click on the below ‘About Us’ page
and flick through our photos you will see which wrestlers have signed for our company exclusively! We also pick up autographs from our
trusted partners over at The Big Event and Legends Of The Ring in the USA.

4. HOW DO RETROWRESTLING.COM’s PRIVATE SIGNING SESSIONS WORK? This is simple, we set up a page for you to place a
deposit on the item/s you want and then we will be in touch to see how you would like the item/s signed! If you would like adding to our private
signing mailing list then please go to the home page and drop us a message via our Facebook or Twitter feeds.

fee we can provide you with a printed 6x4” photograph of the wrestler signing items for our company, alternatively we can email you proof upon
request. Please see the ‘About Us’ page for an example of the photo you may expect to receive of the wrestler endorsing our company. Your
item will also come along with a COA Certificate Of  Authenticity.

welcome to send in your own items to be signed at our signing sessions once we announce a signing! However, on occasion we may
have to refuse certain items of size or bulk. Please message  us directly with information on what you would like to get signed and we will
reply asap with a price quote and confirmation on whether we can accomodate your item/s for the signing. Please note that if you are
sending in your own items to be signed then this is at your own risk and that we will not be held personally responsible should
your items be damaged in transit or go missing.  

7. WHAT POSTAL SERVICE IS USED? Royal Mail’s Recorded Delivery service is used in the UK which requires a signature on
delivery from yourself and also comes with a tracking number so the item can be tracked and traced. This service covers
compensation incase of loss or damage to your item. If you are a customer from outside the UK, then please note that we use the
Royal Mail ‘Airmail’ service which takes approximately 7-10 days delivery time.

8. HOW ARE THE ITEMS PACKED? All photographs are mailed sandwiched between thick sturdy cardboard pieces to prevent
bending. Any other items such as shirts, magazines, toys etc. will also be adequately packed to prevent any damage to your order!

9. HOW LONG WILL DELIVERY TAKE? From the moment your item is sent, Royal Mail state that they endeavour to deliver your
UK ‘Recorded Delivery’ package within 1-3 working days. However, during postal strike periods or busier periods such as Christmas
Royal Mail do state that there may be delays of a few days. For customers outside the UK, please note that Royal Mail advise a 7-10
day delivery estimate time. Although this is not a guaranteed time frame, Airmail packets do tend to arrive on time without any issues.

10. HOW DO WE PAY IF WE ARE FROM THE UK? Paypal is the main method of payment that we accept. If you wish to pay
using your credit or debit card and are not registered with Paypal, then this is no issue. You do not need to be registered with Paypal in
order to pay for an item using your credit or debit card! If you are not comfortable with using Paypal, then we will accept mailed
methods of payments such as cheques, postal orders, or even cash if you want to take the risk of mailing money! Please use the Contacts
Tab on our home page or call us directly if you wish to mail payment and we will inform you on where to send the payment. However, our site is
designed to take UK orders only thus only charging UK shipping rates. You are welcome to order, however we will invoice you for the correct
shipping rates following your order.

11. HOW DO WE PAY IF WE DO NOT RESIDE IN THE UK? Once again you can use Paypal if you wish, or if you prefer mailed
payment then USD American Dollars cash is acceptable. But please remember to email first to find out the total!

12. TO WHOM DO WE MAKE PAYMENT PAYABLE TO? Please make any cheques or postal orders payable to

13. WHERE DO WE MAIL PAYMENT TO? Please use the home page contact tabs to inform us of your interest in any of
our items and we will reply with our mailing details.

14. DO YOU HAVE A STORE/SHOP WE CAN VISIT? No, our stock is kept in a storage depot and we can keep our prices low by
eliminating overheads associated with a shop/store premises. Personal callers are not permitted because we do not have a shop to visit,
nor is the stock kept on our premises.

15. I AM AFTER A PARTICULAR ITEM, CAN YOU GET IT FOR ME? The answer to that question is that we will do our best to
locate any item you are after. We will get in touch with a few known suppliers in America and will let you know either way as soon as
possible. Please use the contact tabs on the home page to send any requests, we endeavour to reply within 24 working hrs, if we are
unable to reply you will receive an ‘away message’ reply instantly.

16. CAN WE GET A REFUND ON A PURCHASE? Under the Distance Selling Regulations, you have 7 working days from the date
of receival to A: Contact RetroWrestling.com in writing/email us to clarify your reason to request a refund and then B: To return the
item/s to the address supplied in our email reply to you. Failure to contact us & return the goods within the 7 working days since receival
will result in no refund being granted. Please note that we refuse the right to refund or exchange on autographs or other printed material. Please
note buyer is responsible for return costs.

19. HOW DO WE GET IN TOUCH WITH RETROWRESTLING.COM? You can contact us via email by clicking the contact tab on our home
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