Collection: Asuka Private Signing - Figures, Comics, Trading Cards Etc.!

Please note that prices shown on this page are deposit prices only and that the full cost of the item is stated within product page.

Once the signing is completed and we have the stock in hand ready to mail, we will send you a remaining balance money request invoice. In regards to how long you have to pay said invoice, please see our updated terms & conditions below.

Updated Terms & Conditions:

From hereon in, once invoices are sent for your remaining balance please note that you will have a 21 day period to pay your invoice. After these 21 days have passed, a £1 per week fee will be applied per item ordered until your items are paid in full. This approach is being taken to prevent past instances where we have customers orders on hand for months (and sometimes years) on end with no payment being received as well as to safeguard our company future. With wrestlers being paid on the day of signing it is important we recoup funds asap.

Please note if pre-ordering a photo, we will automatically add a toploader frame to your invoice after the signing takes place, to protect your investment in the mail and as a cost effective presentation piece for your order. Should you wish not to receive a toploader frame, do let us know so we can adjust the invoice accordingly, and your item will be cardboard backed.

Please note the free shipping promo does not apply to private signings.

Please note that once your order is placed refunds cannot be granted at a later date should you ‘change your mind’ due to the fact that once your order is placed, we have to specially order your photo/item in - so please choose carefully!

Should you decide against paying your final balance please note that deposits are non-refundable. In the event of signing postponement we will attempt to re-arrange the signing.

Should you fail to reply to our email enquiring about signing/dedication info (before the deadline of Friday 10th November) then the item/s will be signed without dedication. We will email you via your given address which was provided upon deposit checkout.

Please note that pen colour, autograph positioning and message requests are exactly that (requests) and on occasion it has been known for an item to be signed in a different colour than requested (sometimes due to us feeling your chosen colour
would not show up great on the item, or talent make a genuine error and miss our pen colour request). Whilst we do like to think we are specialists at paying attention to detail, such precise requests can sometimes go astray and we apologise in advance if this ever occurs.

Due to wrestler feedback and charging, please note for this signing there is a name dedication or 3 word limit maximum included in the price. So for example ‘To Chris' would be name dedication, or 'WWE Womens Champion’ would be 3 word limit. Extra messages above and beyond this will be £20.

Please note the deadline to order is 10pm UK time on Friday 10th November.

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