QR Coded Autograph Authentication

Here at RetroWrestling.com, we realise the importance of validating autographs in terms of authenticity so that your product can be verified as genuinely hand-signed from the celebrity in question. Autograph authentication has become an important feature within the world of collectors, with this provenance adding serious monetary value to products and also helping separate genuine articles from counterfeits. We are now pleased to offer a service where you can now authenticate your autograph acquired from our company, and forever prove it as hand-signed from the star.

For a fee of £10, your product will be certified and catalogued by ourselves in the following way:

  • A RetroWrestling holographic stickered QR coded authentication certificate will accompany your autographed product, which will also have a holographic RetroWrestling sticker on the rear of the item itself (a spare sticker will be mailed to you if you are authenticating a past order)
  • A scan of the code on your smart phone will take you to a page on our website where your product will be catalogued, click here for an example
  • This page will display an image of your exact autographed product, along with the product purchase price and detailed information (whenever possible) on where and when the product was signed along with a proof picture of the superstar (whenever possible) from the day of the meeting, signing general autographs for our company
To authenticate your past order, or current item in your basket, please click here!