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Hulk Hogan WWF Promo Photo

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Hulk Hogan official WWF promotional press release rare sampler test promo photo pictured with WWF title belt.

  • Original authentic WWF Wrestlemania IV Promo dated 1988 in very good condition
  • Promo obtained from employee of WWF advertising/media team and was a sampler test promo printed on Kodak stock card paper which of course was later used for colour WWF P number promos
  • Due to Hogan losing the title on Feb 5th 1988 to Andre The Giant, who in turn handed it to Ted Dibiase, this promo was never mass released to promote Wrestlemania IV as Hogan of course was not the Champion and also this image shows the (by then) outdated 'Hogan 1986' belt which was infamous for featuring multiple countries national flags
  • This promo has a pre printed signature
  • Photo credit : Steve Taylor
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